Strategic Planning

for Growth

“Working closely with business owners and their management teams, we will improve and strengthen your prospects for growth and help you implement SMART strategies that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.”

• Establish/review company vision and growth goals

• Conduct situation assessment

• Determine and assess value drivers

• Identify key obstacles & issues

• Evaluate known and potential opportunities

• Create growth road map and implement tactics

• Select key metrics to measure results

• Define end state and milestones

Divestments & Partnerships

“Drawing on our considerable experience of managing and closing on dozens of M&A transactions, creating joint ventures and spawning strategic partnerships, we’ll provide end-to-end leadership and support.”

• Identify and contact prospective acquisition candidates, strategic partners or buyers

• Cultivate transaction opportunities

• Prepare & negotiate proposals/letters of intent

• Manage/coordinate due diligence

• Conduct valuation analysis

• Support legal counsel on preparation and negotiation of purchase and sale agreements

• Assist in arranging for financing

• Oversee activities to satisfy closing conditions

Post Acquisition Integration

“Many, if not most, acquisitions fall short of delivering their intended value because buyers fail to integrate them properly and don’t adequately follow through in taking full advantage of cost and revenue synergy opportunities.”

Define and build off of high level integration objectives

• Develop detailed action plans focusing on each “back office” and synergy-related objective

• Establish metrics to measure & assess progress and resolve issues

• Implement process for ongoing reporting, tracking & senior management review

• Minimize disruption to management teams and business operations

Cheerful Seniors

Exit Planning


“We compliment the work of professional estate, wealth and tax planners by focusing on your business and its value.”

• Identify exit criteria & objectives

• Examine alternative forecast scenarios

• Conduct business valuation education & optimization analysis

• Determine triggering event(s) and preferred timetable

• Establish contingency plans

• Analyze exit options

• Complete business planning to drive value preservation/improvement

• Develop succession & transition plans

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