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Michael T. Schilling,
Founder and President

Mike is an accomplished business development, strategic planning and M&A professional with over 30 years experience in multiple industries.

He has worked for a number of large public companies and also spent time leading sales and business development teams for a family owned business.


Encore's broad network of relationships can be utilized to

1) identify acquisition, joint venture and strategic partner candidates,

2) secure potential business buyers and investors,

3) raise financing, and

4) support the execution of transactions in an efficient and reliable manner with minimal risk.

Glenn Eisenberg, EVP & CFO, Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (Burlington, N.C.)

“I’ve known Mike for 14 years, working with him while I was CFO at the Timken Company.   Mike is an astute M&A professional, with solid technical and analytical skills, a strong strategic mind and a passion for getting things done the right way.   His multi-industry background, along with his significant deal and business development experience make him a unique and valuable asset for management teams and investors interested in accelerating growth and driving positive transformation within their businesses.”

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